Reach for the Summit

Experience God Through the Psalms!

Are you interested in what the Bible says for your life?

Do you enjoy learning more about the Bible?

Do you desire to connect with God through the Bible
and hear His message for you?

Then you are ready to engage in an exciting journey through the Psalms!
(Warning: This series is only for those who are serious in delving into the Bible!)

This is a series of 10 lessons over the span of 12 weeks, on select Psalms: 
  1. Psalm 1 -- Only Two Ways
  2. Psalm 16 -- Fullness of Joy in God's Presence
  3. Psalm 19 -- A Revelation of God
  4. Week 4:  Introduction to Psalms -- Week 4 is an open week.  The lessons are packed, and this break will give you opportunity to go back and review the psalms you have studied, or follow up with other areas in the lessons that may have sparked your interest.  In addition, you will be introduced to the background of the book of Psalms.
  5. Psalm 27 -- Living in Faith
  6. Psalm 33 -- Praise God!
  7. Psalm 46 -- God is Our Refuge
  8. Week 8:  Hebrew Poetry --Week 8 is another open week.  In this week you will learn a little of how Hebrew poetry works.
  9. Psalm 73 -- God is Enough!
  10. Psalm 105 -- Remember!
  11. Psalm 131 -- Like a Weaned Child
  12. Psalm 139 -- Known and Loved

In these lessons you will learn about the psalm itself.  Then you will have opportunity to integrate the psalm's message into your life.  You are also encouraged throughout the lessons to talk with God about His message for you, and to connect with Him through prayer and the psalm.

Known learning styles are used so that you can receive maximum benefit.  By using these different ways of learning, you will be able to take in the Bible's message for your life in ways you've never dreamed possible!  The 8 learning styles you will use in these lessons are: 
  1. Visual
  2. Verbal/Linguistic
  3. Logical
  4. Kinesthetic
  5. Nature
  6. Music
  7. Interpersonal
  8. Intrapersonal. 

Each lesson is organized into five days for your convenience, so you can progress through each psalm in small chunks.

The full 12 weeks of lessons is an affordable, one-time payment of $10!

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