Reach for the Summit

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching


Healing, Growing, Moving Forward



Are any of these true for you?


  • You are so caught up in daily living that you’ve lost your peace and joy

  • You need emotional healing

  • You need help in changing your negative thoughts

  • You are new to being a Christian, and need to find your footing

  • You sense a need to get closer to God and would like someone to journey with

  • Issues in your life are dragging you down

  • You are bound by bitterness or fear, or don’t believe God could love you

  • You simply need someone to walk the spiritual journey with you for awhile

  • You need someone to listen and suggest spiritual direction

  • You crave victory in some area of your life

  • You need balance in your life and are seeking it

  • You have questions about how to live as a Christian

  • You already know how to live as a Christian, but need coaching to carry out and maintain

  • You are drowning in depression or other emotional pain

  • Other life issues


As a Christian, you look forward to eternal life with God where all stress and pain will be gone.  But you still live in this life.


Does what happens to you in this life really count?

Is it possible to live an abundant life in Jesus now?



The answer to both questions is YES!


But if you’ve been a Christian awhile, you already know you will not fall into the abundant life by default.  It takes intentionality.  Intentionality to build a relationship with God, to take every thought captive, to gain victory in spiritual warfare.


All Christians – whether you are a not-yet Christian or a new Christian or a long-time Christian – face trials, temptations, pain, and stress in this life.  No one is exempt.  At times it would be beneficial, even life-saving, to have someone walk this journey with you.


This is the purpose of Reach For The Summit’s Discipleship Coaching ministry . . .


To walk with you wherever you are in your spiritual journey, to get you over a hump and joyfully walking with Jesus, to see you through a painful time while still maintaining your peace, to give you the tools to walk on from here.


Abundant life IS possible, even here in this life.  Pastor Sherry will come alongside you, to lead you to God’s throne where you will find practical, life-changing help from Jesus.

What will happen in your Discipleship Coaching time?

Here are some things you will learn (depending on where you are):
  • How to have a vibrant devotional life
  • How to relate to Scripture and prayer as the foundation for resolving your issues and living the abundant life in Jesus.
  • How to really know that God loves you, and that you can trust Him
  • How to come to Jesus for emotional healing
  • How to maintain your spiritual life
  • The power of repentance in the spiritual life, and what things to repent of
  • How to recognize the difference between God’s voice and Satan’s voice speaking to your heart
  • How to take every thought captive
  • How to renew your mind with Scripture
  • How to change the way you think
  • How to resist temptation
  • ...and more
Here is some of what we may do (depending on where you are):
  • First, talk and get acquainted
  • Find the spiritual "hot spots" that prevent you from living the abundant life
  • Begin working on knowing/feeling that God loves you personally
  • Talk about your personal alone time with God
  • Define sin and repentance and begin to practice repentance
  • Talk about the brain and the importance of thoughts
  • Discuss how to listen to God's voice and not Satan's
  • Begin taking every thought captive
  • Use coaching questions to help you focus into a direction you decide to go
  • Go to God in prayer
  • Let God be the counselor
  • Ask God for His healing (He gives it!)
  • . . . and more
The tools we will use are:
  • The Bible
  • Prayer
  • Repentance
  • Talking and sharing together
  • Spiritual Inventories
  • Knowledge (such as how the brain works)
  • Coaching questions to help you implement
Don’t stay stuck in your spiritual walk or in your emotions!
There is help!
For more information about how this works, . . . or if you are ready to come closer to God through Discipleship Coaching, just fill in your name and email address in the box below to receive an occasional informational Note.  Your email will not be shared.

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Pastor Sherry holds a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry in Discipleship and Biblical Spirituality.  She has basic coach training from CoachNet, Discipleship Coach training from Blueprint For Life, and Christian counseling training from Deeper Walk International.  Her specialty is the development of one’s personal relationship with God.
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