Reach for the Summit

Learn The Bible!

Journey Through The Scriptures
The Bible is where you learn about God so your relationship with Him can be built on truth.  Several home-study series' are planned here.  In addition, small group or house church lessons will be prepared for each series.  Contact Pastor Sherry for more information about the house church lessons.  You may email her at:

Each series will encourage you to get acquainted with the meaning of the passage under study and to discover its message for you personally, using the learning-style approach.

Survey Of The Bible
This survey course will take you on a broad sweep from Genesis to Revelation.  You will become acquainted with the major stories, events, and themes in Scripture.  Learning some cultural background, and the meaning of some of the Bible's words, will help you better understand why people in Bible times acted and spoke in the ways they did.  This course will also encourage you to learn the meaning of God's Word for you personally, and apply it to your life.  (Being worked on.)

Psalms, Part 1

Psalms, Part 1 will take you through 10 selected Psalms, including Psalms 1, 19, and 27.  You will be able to zero in on these Psalms and better understand their meaning by becoming acquainted with such things as the life setting of the Psalm (where known), the culture in which it was written, and what the psalmist meant by the words he chose.  You will also be encouraged to take each Psalm as a personal message from God to you, and apply its message to your life.

(Other Psalms, Bible Books, or Topics)
These will vary, but will bring to you the same emphasis on learning the meaning of Scripture both for the people to whom it was spoken/writen, and for you.