Abide Consistently

Ever notice that once something is let go of, it’s harder to get back to it? Sometimes that’s a good thing, such as when God gives you victory over a bad habit and the habit becomes distasteful to you. But sometimes it happens when you let go of something good and find it hard to regain that good habit or experience. Life is full of ups and downs of all kinds.

Take my blog, for instance. I haven’t blogged for quite awhile, and it’s been even longer since I wrote with any regularity. During this time I was putting my energy into other pressing and important matters, but the fact remains that I lost the habit of blogging and have now found it hard to return!

This can happen with anything in life, including one’s spiritual life. Once you begin your journey with God, whether it’s a dramatic conversion experience or a quiet decision, the momentum is there and for awhile you may have found it relatively easy to keep going, to keep God in your thoughts, to have regularity in your daily time with Him. But if you ever let it go, it’s hard to return to the same level of excitement and intensity. Hard, but not impossible.

Throughout your lifetime you may have many of these ups and downs. I can pinpoint in my life mountaintop experiences with God, and also valleys where I wondered if He even cared. You’ve probably had those times, too. A really awesome thing is that He never leaves you during those “down” times. You just fall out of practice of being in tune with Him, and have to climb back up the mountain to where you were before. How much better to have stayed there in the first place!

John 15: 4,5 says,

IMG_3763“Abide (remain, settle in, continue on in the same way) in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

By remaining in Jesus – continuing on with Him as we have been – we can bear the fruit of that abiding and avoid many of the pitfalls of one who allows their spiritual life to be up and down. Stressed? Depressed? Lonely? Facing loss? Facing disaster? Jesus is the answer to all of life’s issues, and abiding in Him releases that answer into your life.

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain consistency with some things in life, like blogging. “Life happens” to knock us off track. But if we desire an abundant life the one thing that should never be off track is our relationship with God. No matter our schedule or what happens in our life, staying in tune with God, “abiding” in Him, must be the one consistent thing we do.

How about you? Have you had these ups and downs? What have you learned from them about staying with God?  Leave a comment below.


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5 Responses to Abide Consistently

  1. Mel Thompson says:

    Good to see you back, if not in the “groove” yet, at least making the connections to us all!

    Your comments, “If you ever let go of something good, it sometimes is hard to return”, reminded me of some church people who seemed to be enduring patiently in the midst of all their “doing,” and yet it was really about, as you mentioned, their “relationship” had disappeared. It shouldn’t happen, but it does: “But I have this against you; that you have left (abandoned) the LOVE that you had at first…” (Reve. 2:2-4). JESUS is NOT ones “glorified roommate.” Like a long marriage, you need to work on keeping the relationship “lit!” [“Who goes about among the seven golden lampstands” ~ Rev. 2:1].

    • Well said, Mel! Any of us can get so incredibly busy in the “doing” part of life that we forget the “being” part. The church at Ephesis lost their first love. We need to find ways to keep that first love, and to grow it stronger. Structure and routine (but not overdone routine) are certainly part of keeping love going. Your marriage illustration is a great example. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen says:

    Hey Sherry, Thanks for this post. I think that part of the reason that God established the feasts and festivals in the OT was to help keep His children focused. Routine is often good for keeping us on track. Of course, too much routine becomes boring, so there’s a careful balance to be maintained, but having discipline is an important key to following the Lord consistently. I like that you connect it to abiding too.

    • I agree with you, Karen! While I don’t believe it’s a requirement for us to keep the feasts today, whenever I can, I like to, because of the reminders they give of God’s presence in the lives of my ancestors. I like your words “focused” and “on track.” They feasts were only three times a year, too, so they didn’t become as routine as if they were weekly or monthly.

    • P.S. Sorry you had to post twice!

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