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Hi, I'm Pastor Sherry! I'm a Ministry and Spiritual Life Coach, and am committed to helping you Reach For The Summit of your relationship with God. This includes developing or transforming your personal devotional life as well as breaking through barriers such as Fear or Bitterness, that are preventing you from the kind of connection with God that you seek. I'd love to connect with you on Facebook (Pastor Sherry, Reach For The Summit), LinkedIn (Pastor Sherry), and Twitter (PastorSherry1). To receive my monthly newsletter, please sign in to the opt-in box at the top of this page!

Read Through Genesis!

As part of a Bible Reading program, this article focuses on Genesis, the book of beginnings. What can you learn from Genesis? What does it have to say about God? Continue reading

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The Bottom Line Difference Between Biblical and Secular Meditation

We are encouraged to engage in Biblical Meditation, but warned about the secular/Eastern. Why? What’s the bottom-line difference? That’s what I will explore in this article. Continue reading

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Meditation – Blessing or Curse?

Recently I’ve heard debate in Christian circles about the word “meditation.” Some feel it’s valuable and produces blessing, while others maintain that meditation is a tool of Satan to lead us astray. Which is accurate? Should we engage in meditation or trash the whole idea? Continue reading

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Spiritual Retreat — A Sample

How long has it been since you have gotten together with friends and spent some time talking about God and how to get close to Him? This week I went on a 2-day spiritual retreat with . . . Continue reading

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Abide Consistently

Ever notice that once something is let go of, it’s harder to get back to it? That happens with God, too. Continue reading

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Religion — Bringing Out the Best in People

Religion often brings out the worst in people. What can make it bring out the best? Continue reading

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Religion: Bringing Out the Worst

So many people are hurt in the name of religion. Why has religion brought out the worst in people down through the ages? Continue reading

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Do You Have Spiritual Gifts?

Ever feel like you’re nobody special, that God can’t use you, that you have nothing to offer? That’s absolutely not true! Not only has God made you a special, unique person, but He has given you gifts to use in your unique way for Him. Continue reading

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Above the Waves: Trust

Trials seem to come like waves, one right after the other. But like the seagulls, God means for us to soar above the raging torrent below, so that our feet do not even get wet — to trust Him. Continue reading

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Grace for Obedience

Does God’s grace free us from keeping His rules? Continue reading

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