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Bible’s Message: Known and Loved!

Have you ever thought that if someone really knew you they wouldn’t love you? What about God? What does the Bible say about this? Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: “Unloving” Blocks “Love”

Everyone seeks Love. But unfortunately, Unloving often gets in the way. Unloving comes out in many ways – self-hatred, disbelief that God can love us which harms our spiritual life, and much more. Let’s explore this a bit in this blog. Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: Experiencing God’s Love in the Bible

In our walk with God, learning to see His love through nature and in Scripture is essential. We are loved, and in our spiritual life we need to know that love intimately in order that our relationship with God be consistent. After all, you do not want to come close to someone who doesn’t love you! Continue reading

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Spiritual Growth — God’s Love Blocked

We are created for love. We crave love. But often it seems that love is illusive. Especially God’s love. We can’t quite reach it. Too many things interfere. Continue reading

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Not Too Busy For You

When I run into someone at the grocery store, or at a gathering, and ask the usual question, “How are you?” the typical answer I get is “Busy.” Everyone is “busy” these days. Somehow, all our time-saving devices have lost … Continue reading

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Veery Unusual Music

The last few days I’ve been birding several times with my local birding club.  I love birds, and love being out in natural surroundings.  Our group has seen many spring migrants as well as some who nest here during the … Continue reading

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Can’t I Have Fun???

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of rules. I’m kind of a free spirit and prefer to make my own decisions rather than follow someone else’s rules. Besides – my decisions are always better and more … Continue reading

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Is It Good To Be Bad?

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard references to being bad as something that is desirable.  Even though I don’t currently have TV reception, I have seen enough in other places to hear references there.  Even among … Continue reading

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What Is God Like, Part 2

Yesterday I listened to a woman share how she had once had experienced severe abandonment issues in her past.  It reminded me of another part of God’s character – what He is like. It’s no wonder that in this era … Continue reading

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What Is God Like? Part 1

On my last blog I talked about where we receive our concept of God, and listed several things that could shape our picture of Him.  This time I’d like to describe one facet of God.  I’m basing this blog on … Continue reading

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