Spiritual Growth — God’s Love Blocked

We are created for love.  We crave love.  But often it seems that love is illusive.  Especially God’s love.  We can’t quite reach it.  Too many things interfere.


The first thing that interferes is God’s invisibility.  How can we feel loved from a Being we cannot see with our eyes?  We enjoy seeing the people we love.  That’s why a month ago people dropped everything and ran to be with family to celebrate the holidays.  It’s why we want to see our spouse and kids every day, and miss them when they are gone.  Even in a friendship, face-to-face gatherings are preferred over a phone conversation or letter.  But we can’t see God with our eyes.

A second block to God’s love is that He is inaudible to our ears.  Even when we see someone we love, we long to hear them speak to us, to tell us about their day or simply communicate with us.  The audible words “I love you,” go a long way, too.  Seeing and hearing at the same time is best, but in the absence of seeing, hearing will do.  When someone we love is far away, a phone call can connect us nicely.  But we can’t hear God with our ears.

Something else that makes it hard is that too many of us know someone who claims to know God, and yet who cheats us or treats us badly.  Many people have been “burned” in this way.  Mahatma Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Unfortunately, many times that is true.  Many people have been turned from even believing in God because of unloving Christians.  So – we can’t use our senses to see or hear God, and we can’t rely on people who know Him to show us His love.

Yet another reason it’s hard to grasp God’s love is that so many bad things happen.  We are told that God is good, but all around us we see the bad – murders, rape, fires, theft, financial ruin, death, illness, and the list goes on.  We wonder if God even cares.

This issue needs a whole book to answer (!), but I’ll give a simplified one here, and hope you keep reading in coming blogs.

While it’s true we cannot see God with our eyes or hear Him with our ears, we can see and hear Him with our heart.  His messages take a little practice to recognize because we have been trained to focus only in the physical realm.  God often reveals His love through the physical realm, but we are not tuned to see and hear it.  That’s an easy issue to fix through our continuing spiritual growth!

As for people, not even God will force Christians to be Christ-like.  But our focus in not on other people anyway.  Our focus is to be on God.  Once we have that straight, the behavior of Christians may hurt us, but need not block God’s love for us.

And as for the issue of bad things – that is a problem.  But there is an answer – a wonderful one.  One that will take more than a blog to answer : )

Have you ever had any of these issues and resolved them – or still have them?  Please share your thoughts below!

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16 Responses to Spiritual Growth — God’s Love Blocked

  1. Pastor Sherry,
    I can feel your true passion to spread love into the hearts of all. Yes, it may be difficult for the young in the body of Christ to hear and see God in everything. It is up to the mature to manifest it to be.

    By your actions as a muture Christain others truely see God in action. I serve others with joy and passion daily for over 27 years. I see good in every situation there is and will continue to. Serving other with a true servan’t heart is unique and comforting. This is my hunger. This is my calling. This is my daily adventure with God.

    We all have uniqueness within that only God gives. It is up to each person to find a quite place and develop a real relationship with God. You as a Pastor know that guidence is all others can do. Acceptance of God is up to each individual’s heart. No matter where you look God is there. Not in a building, yet in your heart. Under a stone. You pray for your eyes to be open to see and hears to be clear to hear evey word from God is flawless. Just be willing to lean on faith. Believing in what can not be seen as though it is here. That is real faith and we all have it. Have it for God and your life will be blessed and highly favored, Amen.

    Pastor Sherry, always a wise choice to visit your blog. One leaves with knowing support is only a click away. Building more supporters is a continuous task you take on everyday. That is what makes it all worth while when one receives the seed and hunger is manifested. Hunger for truth and Gods word. This can only come form hearing the word of God. Seeing him in others lives.

    Lets start today, looking for signs of God in everything we see. You would be amazed how awesome God is. Good can only come from God. Turn off those T.V.s and you will not see all the media exposing bad, evil and death. Circle your thoughts on happiness, joy and love. Love most of all is the strongest gift given. Enjoy it.

    Thanks Pastor Sherry for caring so much to share such wonderful meanful subject matters. I look forward for more. I am hungry!
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Imagination No Limitations

    • Hi William, I always enjoy reading your comments! God’s love shines from you! You’re right about the choices. Everyone has to choose for themselves. God allows that freedom. And He also knows that some have been badly burned and will have a hard time coming to see Him as a God of love. He gives them that time. We serve a good God!

  2. I have been walking with God for 45 years, and it is still a day by day thing. So often I wish I could see Him or hear Him… but He said the just shall walk by faith. Some day I will see Him face to face. Until then, I am so very grateful for the many friends and loved ones He has given me, in whom I see Him. My heart is drawn to Him in them. Each day He gives me everything I need for whatever He has in store for me. Whenever I long to see Him and hear Him, I am reminded of that… and I rest in it.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Ormie the Pig Wants a Cookie

    • I just read this morning in my Hebrew Bible about Enoch in Genesis 5. He “walked” with God. In Hebrew the verb can mean repeated action, continuous action, or a kind of “walking back and forth” as King David did on the top of his roof when he saw Bathsheba. But it’s not just a simple “walking.” Enoch took God with him everywhere, in all things. So must we — in faith. I too, am grateful for all the evidences I have of God’s love for me, and the hope we have of seeing Him face to face.

  3. Nile says:

    I hear from some of my friends who are different religions like Hindi, Buddhist, and Shinto that they feel a lot of Christians are not Christ-like… filled with compassion, and love for one another. I sometimes feel that and see that within the US, especially when I have been to other countries. People who are poor, poorer than what we in the US know as poverty even trying to help others.

    I am not perfect, and have judged people when I should not, but I also have gone back and apologized because I just cannot let someone walk away thinking I am without any compassion or understanding.

    I remember somewhere hearing “God is within us and all around us.” We may not see Him, but He is always there.
    Nile recently posted..Blondish.net Podcast – Blogging and SEO

    • Nile, I understand Mathatma Ghandi said that he would never become a Christian, not because of Christ, but because of His followers. That’s sad. Christians have hammered away at different people groups and religions, and even at ourselves. But thank YOU for recognizing that fact, and allowing God to shine His love through you. None of us is perfect. But if we let Him, God can bring us to be the loving and lovable Christian that He wants us to be.

  4. Tuning into God’s presence, comes form the knowing God is everywhere.
    It is not a question of religion it is a questin of knowing whcih to me is differnet from believing God is there is us out of us everywhere.
    When we are in doubt about oulselves we automatically doubt God’s existence. God and good are the same thing as an Indian Philosopher once said the only difference is one more “o” we see in good.
    Thanks for this inspiring post;)
    Will come back soon to read read and learn more…
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..How Disease and Chronic Pain Manifests Through Your Unconscious Mind

    • Hi Patricia, Once we see God throughout our day, and experience His little surprises, we can surely “know” with our heart that He is with us. It’s hard to get the “knowing” from the head to the heart. But if we never look and aren’t aware, we’ll miss Him, and we’ll never “know!”

  5. Hey Sherry

    I will be interested in your future posts because I have asked all of the questions above.

    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..The Easiest and Best Way to Make Money Online

    • Hi Peter, I hope to answer some of these issues at some point. Ultimately, though, God needs to take the “answer” and sink it into our hearts before we can really “know” it. You’re not alone — I think all of us have asked these same questions at one time or another.

  6. Catwoman says:

    I’m looking forward to read your forthcoming posts according to this topic, because the questions above were mine, too.And now I’m getting in trouble. Just a little bit, but I’m sure you will give us the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Catwoman recently posted..fogbeültetés

    • Hi1 So glad you visited! Thanks for your honesty. Some of these answers may be more in depth than what a blog is equipped to handle. My blog is intended to gear up for the program “Freedom From Unloving,” during which there will be more time and space and content that helps to answer some of these. But I will write more on this topic on this blog, as well. Believing God’s love and really taking it into ourselves — into our heart (and not just our mind) — is key. May God be with you!

  7. Jeffrey T. Sooey says:

    Hi Pastor Sherry,
    Yes, I believe it is true that some people have a hard time loving or believing in their God because they cannot see and hear Him. They also see so many bad things happening in the world that they have come to doubt One’s existence. With continuing spiritual growth, we will be able to learn how to use our hearts to see and hear God’s message to us. Looking forward to reading your next posts.

  8. Pastor Sherry, I absolutely love your honesty and creativity in laying out our very real struggles as human to relate to the Invisible. I’m currently going through J.I. Packer’s Knowing God with my men’s group, and it’s starting to kindle within me the desire to know God more fully. Your blog is also helping me 🙂
    Steve-Personal Success Factors recently posted..10 Acts of Kindness To Change the World

    • Steve, thanks so much for sharing that! It’s my desire to point people to God and create passion for knowing Him. I am seeing God bring so many people to the point of knowing Him and surrendering completely to Him, and that’s so exciting! I’m glad you have your men’s group. The more ways we have to connect with God, the more desire can be kindled. God bless you on your own journey, Steve. He will lead you (and each of us) one step at a time.

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