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Not too many people enjoy discipline.  It’s easier to simply do what we want, instead of keeping to a schedule, saying “no” to some things so we can have the better things later, or controlling our thoughts and actions.

But often whatever is worth having in life requires discipline of some sort.  All of us spent years learning to read well.  A good cook learns skills over time.  A carpenter, teacher, plumber, or engineer spends years growing in knowledge and skill in their profession.

Our spiritual life is just as worthy of time and effort as are any of these life-activities.  In fact, it is more worthy than anything else we do in life.  Our connection with God is the “wind beneath our wings” that propels us through life.  Without time and effort given to our spiritual life, our life can be frustrating, empty, and meaningless.

Spiritual life disciplines (we could just as easily call them “habits” or “practices”) are what bring us into alignment with God, enabling Him to reach and transform us more effectively.

We are probably familiar with many of these practices: prayer, praise, Bible reading, worship, obedience, service, etc.  But while we know about these practices, many times we don’t know why we do them, or how to do them effectively.  Sometimes they become rote and meaningless.  But for now, let’s talk a little about why we do them.

Spiritual practices bring us into intimate connection with God, where we come to know His incredible love, His unfailing mercy, His ability to work in every situation even when it looks hopeless and dark to us.  We become in tune with Him, teachable, pliable.

Once we are intimately connected with God, our lives change.  We learn to trust Him.  When crisis happens we learn to rest instead of stress, knowing that we are in His hands.  Instead of anger and addictions taking over our life, our actions begin to come into line with His will.  Words that once brought us pain now are rolled onto God and we walk free.  Only God can truly heal our brokenness and bring life and joy where there was once emptiness and deadness, but He often chooses to do this through, or in conjunction with, spiritual practices that draw us to Him.

Spiritual habits set our minds on God.  To survive in this life we must think about bills, fixing the car, cleaning the house, transporting the children, and all the necessities of life.  But through spiritual practices our minds can be trained to be aware of God’s presence throughout each day.

What other reasons can you think of to engage in spiritual practices?

It is certainly possible to learn these practices on one’s own.  But they are best practiced in a community.  I will be beginning regular teleconference phone calls where we can talk about these habits and discuss how to put them into our lives.  If this is something you feel would benefit you, please Click Here to learn more.  May God bless your day!

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Hi, I'm Pastor Sherry! I'm a Ministry and Spiritual Life Coach, and am committed to helping you Reach For The Summit of your relationship with God. This includes developing or transforming your personal devotional life as well as breaking through barriers such as Fear or Bitterness, that are preventing you from the kind of connection with God that you seek. I'd love to connect with you on Facebook (Pastor Sherry, Reach For The Summit), LinkedIn (Pastor Sherry), and Twitter (PastorSherry1). To receive my monthly newsletter, please sign in to the opt-in box at the top of this page!
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18 Responses to Spiritual Life Practices

  1. Hi Pastor Sherry,
    Thank you for sharing the importance of cultivating spiritual life practices into our daily lives. Some many times people only pray or call on god when they need help or are experiencing bad times. But if connect with God daily during good and bad times we will have the strength, peace, and joy to experience life fully and to truly transform our lives for the better.
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Green Tea Mango Energy Smoothie

    • Hi Shelley, you’re so right. It’s only as we connect with God on a regular basis that we can really withstand the “stuff” that life throws at us, and come out better for it.

  2. Lynn Jones says:

    Hi Pastor Sherry, These spiritual practices keep us in tune with what is truly important in life. It helps us to plug in to our source of power, of peace, of hope, of love, to the One who truly loves, cares, and wants the best for us in our daily lives.
    We often put off these important spiritual practices because we are so busy, but they are so beneficial for us, if we really think about it and not shove it aside.
    I so appreciate you trying to wake us up to what is truly important and valuable in our life.
    God bless you!
    Lynn Jones recently posted..How You Can Have a Happy Life Mingling with Society.

    • Thanks for your affirmation, Lynn! Sometimes spiritual practices seem like adding one more thing to our busy lives, but in reality they are what keeps us sane as we carry out the busy daily activities — and in tune to what really matters.

  3. Jupiter Jim says:

    Pastor Sherry,

    Wow! Great post. Most people never think about discipline or good habits when it comes to spirituality — however, as you touched upon in your blog post, both are important. You can’t be lazy in your thoughts and actions all week long and think that an hour in church is going to make your life or your spiritual life work the way you want it to!

    Thanks for the great post and the reminder!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..I Got 50,000 Video Views on my YouTube Channel!

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s funny, isn’t it, that often we do forget that discipline in the spiritual life is necessary. Just as in other parts of life where we need to deliberately grow, so it is here. And the spiritual area is the very most important!

  4. I have found that helping others has become the most important life practice that I have.
    Helping others has many ways. The real value is that I expect nothing in return.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..חכמת הקבלה

  5. Nile says:

    My ex-husband and I share custody of our son… one of the biggest things that motivates me is to pray that my son is safe, happy, and doing good when he is with his father. I remember in the beginning after my divorce that I really worried. I had cried because I missed having my son in the house all the time… but eventually resolved myself to praying. And you know… I have not cried since.
    Nile recently posted..Blondish.net Podcast: Paid To Blog- Is It For You?

    • Hi Nile,

      I’m sorry about your situation. But it sounds like God has given you a peace about your son when he is not with you. God can hold someone in His arms, and protect them, much better than we can. That’s easy to forget, though. You’re learning trust!

  6. We can empower ourselves to change our lives for the better and collectively work to heal our planet.
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  7. Hi Pastor Sherry,

    This is a very nice post about spiritual life practices! We all have our own methods of reaching the summit. I’m just glad that we can all get there if we want to. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Brian Lagoni says:

    Nice post pastor sherry. Prayer really is one of the best practices! Through prayer, it strengthens our relationship with our God.


    Brian Lagoni recently posted..A Cool Conversational Hypnosis Trick Demonstrated live

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