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Read Through Genesis!

As part of a Bible Reading program, this article focuses on Genesis, the book of beginnings. What can you learn from Genesis? What does it have to say about God? Continue reading

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God is a Compassionate God

Ever find yourself waffling back and forth, desiring and even committing to do something, then letting other things crowd it out?  Or choosing one thing, only to default to another? When I look over my life I realize there have … Continue reading

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Bible Before Tradition

There’s an idea floating around that there is no ultimate truth; that truth is only what someone makes it to be, and that truth is different for each person.  Surely each person’s experiences, thought patterns, way of learning and processing, … Continue reading

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The Bible is Our Authority

Many people and entities are authorities in our lives, and we find truth in many places. But the ultimate authority and truth in our lives is the Bible. Continue reading

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First Principle of Bible Study

In this life a Christian strives to be spiritually mature – Christlike. So how does this work? How do we come closer to Him? The first way is through Bible study. So let’s spend some time on this important spiritual practice. Continue reading

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Faith: God’s Priorities Different From Ours

The balance between faith and works is a delicate one. I talked last time about needing to let God be God, and recognize that only He can make things happen in our lives. But where does faith come in? Continue reading

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A First Principle of Faith

There’s a strange combination of faith and works being believed today, and I hear it from many quarters. Warning: this blog may cut across what you would like to believe! Continue reading

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Bible: God’s Word Brings Confidence In the Psalms

How can you have hope when things go wrong? How can the psalmists cry out for help in their psalms, and then turn around and praise God in the midst of the trial? Continue reading

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Spiritual Life Practices

Not too many people enjoy discipline, even in our spiritual life. So why have them? Continue reading

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Bible’s Message: Known and Loved!

Have you ever thought that if someone really knew you they wouldn’t love you? What about God? What does the Bible say about this? Continue reading

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