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Bible’s Message: Known and Loved!

Have you ever thought that if someone really knew you they wouldn’t love you? What about God? What does the Bible say about this? Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t God Stop All This?

In our walk with God there arise questions. We see so much suffering in the world today. Why doesn’t He stop it all? Continue reading

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An Understanding To Help Unlock Our Spiritual Life

God created us for love, but Unloving holds us captive and blocks our spiritual life (see last article). How can one become free of this barrier between us and God? In this article let’s explore a key understanding that will help you work through the Steps to Freedom. Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: “Unloving” Blocks “Love”

Everyone seeks Love. But unfortunately, Unloving often gets in the way. Unloving comes out in many ways – self-hatred, disbelief that God can love us which harms our spiritual life, and much more. Let’s explore this a bit in this blog. Continue reading

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Spiritual Growth — God’s Love Blocked

We are created for love. We crave love. But often it seems that love is illusive. Especially God’s love. We can’t quite reach it. Too many things interfere. Continue reading

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Spiritual Growth: What Is Love?

In this Christmas season everyone talks about love, joy, and peace. But do we really know what “love” is? In the blogging world there is a plugin called “CommentLuv.” It’s a great plugin, and allows others who have blogs to … Continue reading

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Reframing Painful Memories/Situations, Part 6-B

How we respond to situations makes a difference. Reframing can help in present situations, or in past painful memories. Continue reading

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