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The Bottom Line Difference Between Biblical and Secular Meditation

We are encouraged to engage in Biblical Meditation, but warned about the secular/Eastern. Why? What’s the bottom-line difference? That’s what I will explore in this article. Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: Salvation in the Here and Now

Every Christian knows that personal acceptance of Jesus’ death on the cross is the entrance to eternal life. Most sermons focus exclusively on the cross, as if that’s all there is. But there’s more. Continue reading

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Faith: God’s Promise

How does your faith hold when God promises that a loved one will not die, but live (Ps 118:17), . . . but then they die? Continue reading

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Walk With God Even When The Answer Is “No”

How does one “walk with God” in daily life, especially when God says, “no?” Here’s one illustration of something that didn’t turn out the way I intended. Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: Blessings and Curses

What is a blessing or a curse, and why is either important to our physical and spiritual life? Continue reading

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Peace For The Future

We would all agree that this world is in trouble. Crime escalates, natural disasters abound. Add to that the economy… So then, how can we have peace for the future? Continue reading

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