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Meditation – Blessing or Curse?

Recently I’ve heard debate in Christian circles about the word “meditation.” Some feel it’s valuable and produces blessing, while others maintain that meditation is a tool of Satan to lead us astray. Which is accurate? Should we engage in meditation or trash the whole idea? Continue reading

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Walk With God Even When The Answer Is “No”

How does one “walk with God” in daily life, especially when God says, “no?” Here’s one illustration of something that didn’t turn out the way I intended. Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t God Stop All This?

In our walk with God there arise questions. We see so much suffering in the world today. Why doesn’t He stop it all? Continue reading

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Spiritual Life: Experiencing God’s Love in the Bible

In our walk with God, learning to see His love through nature and in Scripture is essential. We are loved, and in our spiritual life we need to know that love intimately in order that our relationship with God be consistent. After all, you do not want to come close to someone who doesn’t love you! Continue reading

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