Talking With The King — What & Why?

Sometimes it is good just to “be” with God without having to find words to express what’s in our hearts, and other times words are needed.  Both ways of communication are called “Prayer.”  But what is prayer, anyway?

It’s really very simple.  Prayer is talking with God, sometimes with words, and sometimes without them.  Most of the time we think of prayer as using words, and that’s what I’m referring to now.

Prayer has sometimes been made very complicated.  For instance, when I was a child it was common to hear people praying with words like “thee,” “thou,” and “art.”  But that made prayer an exclusive language where only the initiated could participate.  Plus, it makes God seem very far away.  And so He is.  But He is also very, very close.  God is both.

God is the King of the universe.  He set this world in motion, and created everything on it.  He made tiny electrons and neutrons which we cannot see with our eyes, and I understand there are even smaller particles than these.  And He also made galaxies so big that our minds cannot comprehend them.  So God is not confined to our house, or our living rooms.

On the other hand, God is nearer to us than anyone else.  He sees every tear we shed, He sees every burden we carry.  Our trials, our victories, our joys – God knows every one.  He is our heavenly Father, our Best Friend.
So when we talk with Him, we come to Him with the respect He deserves, but we also come to Him as a Friend to whom we can share anything.  We might as well, because he certainly knows it anyway!  Then, why talk to Him, if He knows it anyway?

Primarily for relationship.  This is what God is all about – relationship.  We do not have relationships with people we don’t talk with, or at least write to.  Not close ones, anyway.  A husband and wife, or close friends, must talk together in order for intimacy to take place.

Another reason to talk with God is the same as when we talk with friends.  As we verbalize what’s going on in our lives, we often get a fresh perspective.  I joke with my friends (after I’ve gone on and on to them about something) that I “think with my mouth!”  And it’s true!  The more I talk about something, the more clear it becomes in my mind.

Something we often forget when we pray is that God wants to speak back.  As we share with Him our day, our feelings, our dreams and ideas, He will often put thoughts into our minds.  These thoughts may be of something we’ve forgotten, or of a friend that needs an encouraging word.  It may be something that we’ve done against God or someone else that we need to make right.  Whatever God speaks to us about, we can be sure that it will line up with what He says in Scripture.

Can you think of more reasons to talk with God?

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12 Responses to Talking With The King — What & Why?

  1. TK Goforth says:

    Hi Pastor Sherry!

    I love your perspective on God. Even though he is so far beyond our comprehension, he still wants a close, thriving relationship with us. And, I think we all do give him all our requests, but don’t take the time to actually listen to what HE says.

    God bless you and I’m looking forward to following your blog and on facebook!

    TK Goforth

    • Hi TK,

      Thanks for your kind words! Yes, it’s always interesting to me that we (I) can give our (my) “want lists” to God and expect Him to say “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am,” and then carry them out, but then we (I) turn and rush out the door without giving Him a chance to speak! Most of us don’t do that to friends! Thankfully, God is very patient with us as we learn!

  2. Hi Sherry:

    I love your description of prayer and your reasons for prayer. Prayer for me is primarily about relationship – growing in my love and understanding of my heavenly father!


  3. Ross Joyner says:

    Pastor Sherry, I am very glad to have found your blog,I have been a Christian for 50 years and I remember the times of “thee,” “thou,” and “art.” While I enjoyed the respect that that seems to give to our Father, It is certainly not necessary for him. When you speak of God being King of the universe, I would go as far as saying that not only is God King but he is “the entire universe”.

    • Hi there!

      It does seem like we swing from one extreme to another, doesn’t it? From respect to a God who is “way out there” to a very close and personal God who we can treat like just another friend. Somewhere in there is a balance of both respect and close relationship. I’m glad you have found that God is everything to you!

  4. Having a personal relationship with the divine keeps thing’s a lot more “real” for most people. It’s truly more difficult to not trust and to betray the friend you speak with daily than it is the one you haven’t had a conversation with in months/years. Its also helpful to provide a very safe place to verbally vent our situations so that we can unwind from them while knowing that there is at least ONE person who will never share them with the world! LOL Thanks for the reminder Sherry,

    PS: Something’s amiss with your commentluv plugin here on the blog. Please go into its settings and reset them to default which will usually sort it out. If it persists give me a shout.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, you’re right — God is the one person we can trust NOT to share anything! It’s good to know that He knows everything about us and still loves us anyway — and listens to our (MY) sometimes raving, and sometimes whining, and still comes back for more.

      I appreciate your insight too, that we trust more, and have a harder time betraying, someone we are more familiar with. Since God wants our full trust, that makes it really important to be in contact with Him regularly.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the commentluv. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Hi Sherry,
    I love your post.You used simple words but profound meanings.Indeed,prayer it’s a great way to communicate directly with God.The best method is to pray with your own words ,to talk with Him in silence being always grateful for all the beauties and abundance that He sends to us.I’m very happy to see God in every thing every day:)Developing a spiritual connection with God is the best thing that we can do to access our inner power,wisdom and beauty:)

    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

    • Hi Radu,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you mentioned being grateful for what we see and experience. If we’re not grateful, we are like little children coming with their hands out for more, but who have not learned to appreciate anything they are given! Besides, it does US a world of good to learn to be grateful. Thanks for bringing that up.

  6. Sherry,
    One of my favorite quotes about prayer is that it is like talking to God as you would to a friend. I keep a running dialogue with God: as my day progresses I tell Him what I like, don’t like and seek His help. It’s so important to allow Him to speak back to us as you rightly said. Communication, relationship is a 2-way street and the more we communicate with the Master, the closer we come to Him.

    • It’s funny, but I didn’t grow up understanding in prayer as a two-way street. I grew up with the idea that prayer is the wish list we make and hand to God to be fulfilled. But what you said about communication and relationship being a two-way street is right on target. How could anyone have a real relationship with Someone if they did not communicate with that person? Thanks for your comment.

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