About Us

Reach For The Summit   is founded by Pastor Sherry, MDiv, DMin, certified coach. It is her desire to come alongside and support you in Reaching For The Summit of

  • your Relationship and Connection with God,
  • finding Freedom in your life from the bondage of such things as Fear, and Bitterness,
  • and growing in your Understanding of God's ways and His Word, and its Application to your life.


People the world over hunger for something outside of ourselves.  Believers in God recognize this hunger as a desire for Him. But so often we get caught up in the round of church obligations, or just life itself, and either we don't take the time we need to be close to God, or our relationship simply stagnates.  Sometimes we are blocked by emotional damage.  And sometimes we simply don’t know how to proceed from here.


Whether you are experiencing

  • hunger or thirst for something more in your walk with God
  • emotional baggage that you can’t let go of
  • frustration that you cannot seem to come close to God
  • a lack in your devotional life that you cannot pin down
  • a need to jump-start your devotional life or relationship with God    
  • a personal life out of balance    
  • a barrier preventing a close walk with God    
  • or even a ministry that does not fulfill its mission . . .


You may be settling for less because:

  • life gets too busy
  • you’ve always felt this pain so it feels normal to you
  • your devotional life is in a rut but it's comfortable    
  • you don't have a vision of what a strong connection with God might look like    
  • there is a barrier in your life that you cannot seem to surmount    
  • you have lost hope that your desire for God is really possible    
  • you don't have a clear picture of your place in God's work    
  • or you don't see the way clear to pursue it.    


Break Free and Reach For The Summit!


Whether you are a first-time Believer, or someone who has walked with God for many years, Reach For The Summitcan take you to the next level.  Jesus' sacrifice on the cross not only paid the price for our salvation, but His life has pointed the way to a living connection with God!


Reach For The Summit seeks to walk with you on that journey of discovering a living connection and a transformed relationship with God.



About Pastor Sherry


Hi, I'm Pastor Sherry,


From the time I was very small, my desire has been a deep, close relationship with God.  In looking back over my life’s challenges and trials, I can see how God has used them to lead me closer to Him and His will for my life.


My life journey has led me through such experiences as teaching elementary school -- including one-room schools -- studying the Bible with people, serving as chaplain in a hospital, ministering as an associate pastor, leading a house church, and teaching Bible classes on the college level.


As for interests, I'm a country girl!  I'm an avid birder year-round.  You can also find me playing music, knitting, and gardening in season.  I enjoy camping and travel, and have been to all 50 states in America (the last 5 I camped my way through), as well as several other countries.


But seeing people grow in their personal, spiritual, and ministry life is my ultimate passion. And being a Pastor and Spiritual Coach provides me with the wonderful and exciting opportunity to walk alongside you and help you Reach For The Summit of your relationship with God.



You can contact me at PastorSherry@ReachForTheSummit.org