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Secrets to Discovering the Abundant Life

Secrets To Discovering

The Abundant Life

Promised To Every Christian


The Christian Life should be the most exciting, satisfying, joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling way to live.  But so often it degenerates into frustration and boredom.  Christians have as much trouble as anyone else, but instead of meeting it with peace and even joy, so often one’s stress level rises, bringing with it another whole set of problems.


We have heaven to look forward to in the future, but where is the Abundant Life in the here and now?  This live weekend seminar unlocks the secret to living this kind of life in the here and now.

The 4 sessions are foundational for realizing the Abundant Life, and contain enough information, practice, and direction, for you to continue on your own.  Each seminar session contains teaching as well as some activities. You are given specific how-to’s so that once you leave the seminar, you can follow through on your own or with a partner or group from your church.


Seminar Topics:


Secret #1:  Activate Your Desire for God

It has been said that we have a God-sized hole in us, but so often we desire many other things ahead of Him. One secret to mountain-top living with God is to recognize our deep desire for, and need of, God.  When we truly believe that God loves us deeply and desires only the best for us, and when we are intentional about turning our eyes on Him, our desire for God will grow.  This session explores our beliefs about the character of God, and encourages intentionality in our relationship with Him.


Secret #2:  Access God’s Blessings

Studying the Bible is necessary and foundational for knowing the character of God and knowing His ways, thus increasing our potential for coming closer to Him.  But only knowing facts about God will not bring us the Abundant Life He has promised, nor will it transform us into His likeness.  We must learn to also come to the Bible for relationshipconnection, and transformation.  This increases our desire for God and brings our devotional time to life.  This session gives people practice in coming to God through Scripture for the sake of communion with God and allowing Scripture to transform their lives.

Secret #3:  Keep an Open Path to God

After we learn how to come close to God, we must also stay connected.  Sin blocks that connection with God.  But sometimes the definition of sin becomes relegated to murder, theft, and adultery, and as Christians we feel "safe" from those descriptions.  But sin is anything that blocks us from God.  We must learn to recognize sin even when that sin is fear, a lack of love, putting someone or something before God, etc.  This session attempts to bring into awareness the sins that block us from God's blessings and abundant life, so that we can repent of them and live clean before God.

Secret #4:  Enjoy the Peace of God 24/7

Words are powerful, and so are thoughts.  Both make us believe lies, and spark emotions.  Our minds are the battlefield between God and Satan, who both want us to choose them.  God puts His thoughts in our minds, but so does Satan.  And it's Satan's desire to kill, steal, and destroy -- our peace, our relationship with God, our very lives.  This makes it imperative that we learn to bring every thought into captivity and subject it to God and His truth.  This session explores our words, our thoughts, and the importance of bringing every thought into captivity to God.


Pastor Sherry will come to your location for the live weekend seminar.  You can email her directly to communicate about specifics:  PastorSherry@ReachForTheSummit.org (no caps necessary).


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